Choosing the right technology is no guarantee of success.


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Seasoned talent acquisition professionals understand that choosing the right technology is no guarantee of success. Your company is unique. Although cloud-based technology reduces IT support requirements and costs, achieving your organization’s business objectives requires more than software. Success requires integrating your talent acquisition strategy and business processes with your technology in a way that optimizes adoption and business results.

AchieveTalent doesn’t sell software. We help companies turn talent acquisition into a competitive business advantage.

Unlike software companies that make money by selling licenses, we earn our keep by helping clients make the most of their talent acquisition technology before, during and after it is deployed. Our secret to helping clients succeed lies in the hands-on experience our consultants have gained in dozens of engagements with Fortune 500 companies in virtually every major industry. More than technology specialists, our consultants have deep expertise in talent acquisition strategy, best practices and business processes. As a result, we can help you avoid the costly deployment mistakes, deployment delays and adoption problems that software companies never mention in their marketing materials.

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